The Dominican Experience is for students just like you. 

The Dominican Experience is designed for the twenty-first century student –– the thinker, the doer, the artist, the activist, the trailblazer, the entrepreneur –– from every walk of life.

And we’ve done our research. The data shows that some educational practices are better than others. We’ve picked the best ones and built them into the Dominican Experience.

The Dominican Experience


As part of the Dominican Experience, every Dominican student will...


    • Work with an integrative coach and a network of mentors — all four years
      Students were 2x more likely to be engaged at work if they had a mentor who encouraged them to pursue their goals and dreams.

    • Engage with the community through service-learning, internships, fieldwork, community-based research or global learning
      94% of employers more likely to hire someone who has done an internship; 68% more likely to hire someone who’s done a community-based project.

    • Complete signature work such as a research project, mural, or business plan
      73% of employers think college students should be required to complete a significant applied learning project. 

    • Craft a digital portfolio that captures the journey and the great things that came out of it
      80% of employers say it would be useful to see an electronic portfolio of student work that summarizes & demonstrates a candidate’s accomplishments.



Mojgan Behmand
Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs
Dean of the Dominican Experience
50 Acacia Avenue, Guzman 210
[email protected]