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Open House - Spring 2024

On Friday, March 1, we held our Spring 2024 Open House, where instructors described their upcoming course. OLLI staff also explained how the registration process works and the types of membership that OLLI offers. Watch the full event below by copying the password before clicking the button. For any questions, call OLLI.

Password: kMmH4y%d


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Past Events

Open House - Winter 2024

Missed our Winter Open House? Relive the event and listen to our Winter lecturers present their courses in the link below. Passcode: $4v?#NX9

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Winter Wellness Week

Join us in Winter Wellness Week on December 4, 6, and 8, 2023!
Premium and Session Members are Free. Sign up for a Basic Membership at $25 per session or $50 Annual.  

The Vital Balance: Mental Health and Mental Illness 
Monday, December 4, 10 a.m. | Zoom, Not Recorded
Dominican University Professor, LeeAnn Bartolini

The title of this talk, drawn from Karl Menniger's 1963 book, will explore the required foundation necessary to keep ourselves mentally balanced throughout life. Together we will look at core health practices. self-exploration, community, self-acceptance, and purpose as the building blocks for mental fitness.

A Potpourri of Insights From Positive Psychology to Boost your Well-being
Wednesday, December 6, 10 a.m. | Zoom, Not Recorded
OLLI Faculty, Anne Dunlea

In this session Anne Dunlea will present a collection of simple techniques and practices from positive psychology you can easily try that can boost your personal sense of well-being, particularly during the darker cooler days of winter and the various seasonal holidays.

How Animals Adjust to Winter
Friday, December 8, 10 a.m. | IN-PERSON: Guzman Lecture Hall, Not recorded
Retired Dominican University Professor, Jim Cunningham 

Birds do it, bees do it, that is adjust to the winter months. Professor Jim Cunningham will talk about the ways animals adjust to the winter months in nature.

Oak Dowling Lecture on Oppenheimer 

If you missed it, or maybe even saw it, view Oak Dowling's wonderful presentation on Oppenheimer below. Passcode: vY7=#Rpj

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