Student Handbook and Policies

The Office of Community Standards supports the personal development and academic pursuits of students through the establishment of community standards that represent the University’s expectations for student behavior.

Dedicated to promoting a sense of empowerment and duty for all Dominican students, the Office of Community Standards develops, disseminates, and enforces institutional policies governing student behavior. This office aims to guide students as they enhance their sense of personal and social responsibility in diverse contexts. 

Student Handbook and Code of Conduct

As members of an academic community, it is important that you are familiar with, understand, and abide by the policies and procedures outlined in the Student Handbook below.


Adherence to these policies and procedures is critical to promoting a strong community where all members feel respected, safe, and valued. Information on how to report violations of these policies is provided below.

Complete the Incident Reporting Form to report a violation of University policies. Violations related to sexual misconduct, Title IX, and discrimination should be reported directly to the Title IX Coordinator. All other violations should be reported here.

In instances where a student is alleged to have engaged in behavior that violates University policies, the student will receive a letter from the Office of the Dean of Students via their student email address ( The Alleged Violation Letter will describe the allegation and offer the opportunity to meet with a conduct official. Students have the right, but are not required, to participate in the conduct process.

At the completion of the conduct process, students will receive an Administrative Disposition Letter that notifies them of the outcomes and sanctions resulting from the conduct process. Outcomes and sanctions are intended to guide students in a reflective learning process that allows them to recognize the ways they can more positively contribute to the campus community. 

Students are required to comply with all sanctions and mandates issued. In the most serious violations of University policies, a student may face suspension or expulsion from the University. If a student is found not responsible for the alleged violation, no sanctions will be issued and no further action is required by the student.

University conduct proceedings are private. Only those individuals at the University with a legitimate right to know are informed of any information regarding a student’s conduct record. A more detailed description of the conduct process is available within the Student Code of Conduct Procedures section of the Student Handbook. 

Dominican University of California is firmly committed to creating a community in which all of its members are protected from discrimination, harassment, sexual misconduct, and retaliation and prohibits such behavior in all University operations. 

Learn more about Sexual Misconduct, Title IX and Discrimination.