Peer Mentor Program

Our Peer Mentor Program fosters student development through peer-to-peer student support. Every fall term, incoming full-time first-year and transfer undergraduate students are connected to trained peer mentors.

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Our Team

Being part of the peer mentor team is a big, but rewarding, commitment. Every year, we employ a diverse group of dynamic student leaders who are dedicated, flexible and enthusiastic. We seek out and train students who embody the four Dominican Ideals of Study, Reflection, Community and Service and who have a desire to foster a lasting relationship as a mentor and role model to new students. 

How it Works 

Complete the Mentor Training Course

The primary goal of the course is to provide students with the knowledge, confidence, and skills necessary to be effective college-level peer mentors. Students who have successfully completed the course are encouraged to apply for a position as a peer mentor for the following academic year. 

Act as a Peer Mentor in the Classroom

Peer mentors are assigned, in pairs, to work with an integrative coach in an integrative coaching course. With the overarching goal of helping with the transition into college and Dominican, peer mentors plan and facilitate coursework in order to provide support and guidance to their less experienced peers.

Mentor Transfer Students

Transfer students benefit from peer mentoring in different ways than traditional first-year students. Transfer students meet their transfer peer mentor during orientation and then will have many opportunities throughout their first year at Dominican to connect with and gain insights from this mentor. 

  • Effectively mentor diverse student populations with respect and cultural sensitivity
  • Coach others in effective study and personal management skills
  • Assist students in using and navigating campus resources and expectations 
  • Facilitate an increased understanding of and hands-on experience with Chickering’s 7 Vectors and other theories of student development 
  • Apply appropriate interpersonal and intercultural communications techniques to the task of peer mentoring; apply basic ethical principles to the task of peer mentoring (confidentiality, boundaries).
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Mentor Training

Examine the fundamentals of mentoring: college student development theory and practice, learning styles, study and life skills, trust and confidentiality, ethics, and interpersonal and cross-cultural communication.

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Digital Portfolio Support

Peer mentors are specially trained to support peers with digital portfolio development.

Digital Portfolio Support
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Mentors and Orientation

Peer mentors plan and host New Student Orientation events in order to welcome new students, get to know them better and build Dominican spirit.