Resources for Current Students

Digital portfolios are personal websites that help tell your story. Learn more about how to create one and get the resources to help along the way. 

peer mentorintegrative coach, or digital portfolio liaison will guide you in creating your digital portfolio. When you have questions, visit the support site for tips and tutorials:

Presenting a coherent portfolio of thoughtful reflection, retained knowledge, developed skills, and student works, will speak well beyond a resume/curriculum vitae. Including a link to your digital portfolio on your application for employment, graduate school, or other professional opportunities can support your post-graduate experience.

A recent article in the American Association of Colleges and Universities (“It Takes More than a Major: Employer Priorities for College Learning and Student Success”) states that “more than four in five employers say an electronic portfolio would be useful to them in ensuring that job applicants have the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in their company or organization.” 


Peer mentors are also trained as "technical mentors", which means they are ready to help you design and build your portfolio.

In-Person and Virtual Support 

Learn the tech basics of Google Sites and how to utilize this tool to showcase skills-knowledge-and experience. Fall 2021 digital portfolio support will be offered upon email request to Digital portfolio support will be offered in-person or via Zoom.

For self-direction on your own time, visit our technical and content development website.

For general questions or to request support, contact

Frequently Asked Questions

Your digital portfolio only goes public when you want it to. When you graduate, your digital portfolio is yours. Share the link with potential employers and graduate schools to show them your best work.

Yes. Digital portfolios are created using Google Sites and are connected through your Dominican Gmail account. When you’re ready to graduate, or if you transfer schools, please contact Dominican’s IT and Alumni Relations departments so that they can help merge the contents of your student Gmail account to a Dominican alumni Gmail account. You may also choose to create a personal Gmail account and merge the data from your student account. It’s up to you!

If you are in a Department of Education program, instead of Google Sites, you will use a Weebly platform. This is a public platform that you own and control.

Whether you are using a Google or Weebly site, both platforms are free.

Dominican's IT department, as well as the Registrar's Office, have been strong partners to ensure we comply with security and privacy as it relates to Dominican computer usage policies as well as with the Family Educational Privacy Rights Act (FERPA). You are in complete control of sharing and privacy settings within Gmail/Google and Weebly sites. 

Students who create a digital portfolio (or personal website) with the use of their Dominican Gmail account should review the Digital Portfolio Google Site Policy carefully to understand levels of privacy, sharing, permissions, and student conduct.

For self-direction on your own time, visit our technical and content development website.

For general questions or to request support, contact