Digital Portfolio Policy

Students who create a Digital Portfolio (or personal website) with the use of their Dominican Gmail account should review the Digital Portfolio Google Site Policy carefully to understand levels of privacy, sharing, permissions, and student conduct.

The Digital Portfolio Google Site Policy 1003 (August 22, 2016), approved by the Associated Students of Dominican University on November 18, 2016, brings awareness to existing campus policies regarding web usage as well as intersections with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). 

Please contact the Digital Portfolio Specialist for any questions or concerns.


This policy covers content on the Dominican University of California Google Sites within domains that the University controls.


The purpose of these policies is to inform and protect the student (also known as ‘site owner’) when the content for such websites is used for Dominican University of California educational purposes.


This policy covers all users of the Dominican University of California network and computing infrastructure, including students, faculty, and staff.


Informed Consent Statement

As a student of Dominican University of California, your digitally posted written work may be selected for campus or national research for the assessment of learning outcomes.

Confidentiality Agreement

Confidentiality applies – for all students, faculty, staff and others. While the Google Site is secure and password protected, it is important that all users are aware of their digital imprint.

Inappropriate Content

The Digital Portfolio Google Site Policy is in agreement with the existing Dominican University of California Content Policy for Websites. 

Reporting Concerns and Violations

Dominican University of California reserves the right to take disciplinary action as defined in the student handbook.