Integrative Coaching

Integrative coaches are our campus superheroes. They support you in achieving personal and academic success and help you get connected with peer and career mentors.

Integrative coaches are Dominican faculty and staff who also specialize in supporting students. Integrative coaches also teach courses that support student success, helping you adapt to college and prepare for your future.

How it Works

You’ll meet regularly during the school year with an integrative coach to check in on how things are going in the classroom and in your life. Together, you’ll develop an education plan and, later, a career plan. They’ll also help you get started on and polish your digital portfolio. Plus, you’ll take classes taught by a coach.

In your first year, you’ll work on your transition into college, develop the skills needed to be successful and grow your Dominican community. Other classes in the integrative coaching curriculum will prepare you for a career, relationships, and healthy living. 

This wrap-around student success curriculum is taught by integrative coaches and faculty and co-facilitated by peer and career mentors. The coursework will empower you to take charge of your college experience — to learn about yourself and the community around you. You’ll focus on your growth and well-being while developing a supportive mentoring network. Together with your classmates, you’ll explore your purpose in higher education and build a toolkit of skills necessary for academic and personal success. 

This elective course examines the fundamentals of effective mentoring including college student development theory and practice, learning styles, study and life skills, trust and confidentiality, ethics, and interpersonal and cross-cultural communication techniques. Participation in this course will include practical homework assignments and, in many cases, priority when applying for peer mentoring and or advising positions for first-year students. 

This course focuses on developing the key skills you will need as you approach graduation and begin to navigate a series of “adulting” life decisions. In order to succeed in the world beyond the classroom, you need access to a basic body of knowledge in five key personal arenas: finance, health, career, ethics, and relationships. 

In a lab-type structure emphasizing hands-on, in-class activities and coaching, this course focuses on translating classroom skills into life and workplace; developing awareness of one’s own strengths and aptitudes; as well as practical information and strategies for approaching major life issues. Recommended for seniors and juniors.

This semester, this course will be co-facilitated by a network of Dominican alumni who are sharing their varied experiences.

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Peer Mentors

All first-year and new transfer students have peer mentors to show them the ropes and guide them through their transition into Dominican.

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Career Mentors

Career mentors are Dominican alumni or community members who share their experiences in the “real world” and offer guidance as our current students figure out their pathways.

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Meet the Integrative Coaches

Naomi Elvove headshot

Naomi Elvove, MA

Executive Director of Student Success Center Integrative Coach


dominican seal

Erin Aradi, MA

Assistant Dean for Academic Programs
Stacy Davidson headshot

Stacy L. Poe, MA

Executive Director of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion La Vida Dominican Postbaccalaureate Inclusivity & Belonging Fellow
dominican seal

Melinda Becker

Adjunct Professor
Courtney Budesa headshot

Courtney Budesa

Director of Internships and Professional Development Integrative Coach
dominican seal

Matthew E. Davis

Adjunct Professor
Mark Jaime headshot

Mark Jaime, MA

Executive Director of Alumni and Family Relations Integrative Coach
helen kennedy headshot

Helen Kennedy

Director of Operations, Grant Coordinator
Jennifer Labovich headshot

Jennifer Labovich

Integrative Coach Accessibility Counselor
Christina Mayes headshot

Christina Mayes, MS

Digital Portfolio Specialist Integrative Coach
Matthew Mueller

Matthew E. Mueller, CRC

Director of Accessibility and Disability Services Integrative Coach
dominican seal

Molly Rogers, MFA

Adjunct Faculty Integrative Coach
Giulia Welch headshot

Giulia Welch, MPA

Director of Career Development Integrative Coach