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Fall 2022 Session Membership Options

Only pay one fee every academic year and access all courses and discussion groups with no further payment required.

Ideal for members who wish to take unlimited courses per session – throughout the academic year (fall/winter/spring).


    • Get the best value over the course of the academic year
    • Enroll in unlimited courses  plus an unlimited number of discussion groups during the academic year (fall/winter/spring)
    • Visit an unlimited number of courses during the first week of session, and make changes, if any, during the second week of session.
      Please note — this does not apply if the course is full; contact the OLLI office about space availability
    • Discounts to many cultural and educational events on campus, which are open to the public for a fee
      Please note, events are limited during COVID-19.
    • Discounted membership to the Conlan Recreation Center. (Check with the Front Desk at (415) 482-3500 for current rates.)


    Membership fee $795 for the academic year: no other fees.

    During OLLI Week Only: $750 early bird pricing if registration is between Aug. 15-Aug. 19 by 5 p.m.

    Additional course fees may be applicable (e.g., workshops).

    A great choice for members who wish to take one or two courses, and perhaps not every session.


    • Enroll in small number of courses at relatively low cost


    Membership fee $25 per session

    Additional course fees required: 

    Basic Members pay individual fees for courses, workshops, and clubs.

    Length Cost
    Four-week course $90
    Six-week course $120
    Eight-week course $150
    Eight-week workshop $200
    Eight-week discussion group fee $60

    If you have questions about the registration process, please contact us.