Clinical Simulation Services

Clinical Simulation Services offers a range of interactive learning opportunities, from conducting your first patient interview, to the complexity of managing chronic illnesses with interdisciplinary teams. We provide the tools necessary to move your learning beyond the classroom to prepare you for a rewarding career in healthcare.

Dominican University of California Clinical Simulation students

Learning Labs

Our physical facilities include large health care labs, simulated hospital rooms, medical exam rooms, and a behavioral health room. These labs are stocked with the supplies and equipment needed to guide Occupational Therapy, Nursing and Physician Assistant students from the first day of classes to their last, with available tools ranging from the first injection to the complexities of Advanced Cardiac Life Support skills including cardiac defibrillation and intubation.

Our learning labs allow students to collaborate with their peers and faculty in order to gain the knowledge and skills required to succeed in their prospective healthcare fields.

Our goal is to use simulation as an educational tool to produce health care professionals who possess the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to succeed in the 21st century."
– Barbara McCamish, Clinical Simulation Services Director

A Hands-on Approach

Hands-on experience is available using our high fidelity manikins, standardized patients, task trainers, and simulation technology. We place our students in a variety of simulation-based learning activities, applying a hands-on approach. Deliberate practice and frequent repetition prepare students to achieve the skills necessary to succeed.

State of the Art Technology

Our advanced audio visual capabilities allow us to record students in real-time, promoting active reflection on their learning experiences and facilitating continuous improvement of clinical skills.

Visualization and Exploration

The Anatomage Table, a unique virtual anatomical dissection table with exquisitely detailed 3D views of the human body, is available to our students through a generous donor grant. With this tool, students virtually dissect the human form with ease using the table’s touch screen. Students use this advanced technology to manipulate precise 3D images to explore the human body in exactly the way they need: from full body to anatomical system views, to minute anatomical details.

Interprofessional Practice

Educating Health Professions students for interprofessional practice is an important part of our work. The Clinical Simulation Center hosts a variety of learning activities, including Interprofessional Education Speed Networking events, where students network with practicing professionals from a wide variety of healthcare disciplines.

Simulation is a method of teaching that allows learners to experience a representation of a real healthcare event for the purpose of practice, learning, evaluation, or testing (SSH).

  • In the Clinical Simulation Center, our students learn to care for simulated "patients" mimicking the physical signs and symptoms of diagnoses such as stroke, cancer or diabetes.
  • Students may practice a range of skills such as starting IVs or suturing wounds without fear of patient harm – and they can keep practicing until they get it right.
  • At Dominican, simulation-based education is deeply woven into the curriculum of our Nursing, Occupational Therapy and Physician Assistant Studies programs.
  • In our Clinical Simulation Center labs students gain powerful insight as they practice their skills and apply their knowledge.
  • Our experienced Clinical Simulation Services team works directly with faculty to provide students with safe, realistic, and challenging learning opportunities. Faculty and students from our Counseling Psychology and Global Public Health programs are also welcome to use this facility for hands-on learning.

Meet our Team

The Simulation Services team is here to support faculty by providing leadership and guidance in simulation best practices.

We support our students by providing a diverse range of high quality and engaging learning activities. We support our local community by providing simulation resources for the San Rafael Fire Department and more.

A high quality simulation program is a team effort. Our team consists of two full-time staff certified in Clinical Healthcare Simulation Education (CHSE), Student Simulation Technicians and Standardized Patients.

Our Standardized Patient program consists of actors specially trained to accurately portray specific emotions, medical diagnoses and disease symptoms. Actors from a variety of different ages, ethnicities and genders work with us to give students experience serving diverse populations.

The use of Standardized Patients in medical fields is a proven method for helping learners gain skills in communication, patient safety, physical examination and patient management. If you are interested in applying to be a Standardized Patient, visit Human Resources.

Our team of student workers are a dedicated group of students who serve as simulation technicians. These students make every event possible through their knowledge, energy and enthusiasm for both teaching and learning.

students working in an ot lab

Our Programs

Clinical Simulation Services serves students from the following academic programs:

Occupational Therapy Physician Assistant Studies Nursing

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