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Whether you are an executive striving to take your organization to the next level, or a manager ready for career advancement, the Institute for Leadership Studies can empower your success with our Executive Education programs.

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The evolving business environment demands more from executives than ever before. Executives seeking to grow their leadership and management skills recommend the nationally-recognized Executive Education programs at Dominican University of California. Executive Education delivers lifelong learning for working professionals to reach their highest level of achievement. 

The programs apply proven, powerful methods that strengthen and develop new skills and confidence, such as leadership and team development, strategic planning and decision-making, creativity, critical thinking and problem-solving, emotionally intelligent conflict resolution and 360-degree constructive feedback. As a result, participants experience meaningful personal growth and deliver valuable organizational and societal contributions.  

Dominican’s Leadership Certificate has had a tremendous impact on our key senior managers, both in their personal growth as well as the value they are adding to the organization.  The investment in the program has been well worth it." 

— Russ Colombo, Retired CEO, Bank of Marin  

Our Programs

The programs begin with individual goal setting, based on personal reflection and inputs such as self-assessments, 360 surveys, and similar tools. Collaborating closely with leadership trainer experts, participants set tangible goals to reach by the program’s end. The content, exercises, and discussions continuously and cumulatively support advancement. A unique outcome is a peer-learning culture, relationships bridging from the classroom to the workplace to the community, and dedication to lifelong development. 

Developed with input from over 70 senior executives in the Bay Area, the curriculum instills the leadership fundamentals of strategizing, planning, organizing, and executing to reach ambitious goals, in conjunction with a capstone project that participants set for themselves from day one. In particular, the program equips them to overcome daunting challenges such as building cultures that continuously grow trust, engagement, and collaboration across different levels and functions.

Format: In-person, one day per week, for eight weeks. Content may be adapted for online and hybrid delivery.

Program will be offered in the spring of 2023, dates TBD.


  • Engaging & Inspiring Others: Expand Your Leadership Repertoire
  • Applying Emotional Intelligence to Conflict Resolution and Negotiations
  • Creating High-Impact Team Performance
  • Coaching for Accountability to Generate High Performance
  • Leading Change: Transform Organizations to Stay Ahead of the Curve
  • Crafting Plans that Deliver Results (Including Personal Development)
  • Leading with Presence: Deliver Effective Presentations and Strategic Communications
  • Celebrating the Outcomes: Your Project Leadership Change Initiative

To learn more email ils@dominican.edu or call (415) 482-1918.

Geared to new supervisors and experienced supervisors who want to improve, this program focuses on optimizing team performance. It covers the essentials: winning trust and cooperation, clarifying and aligning individual and group roles and goals, and executing with smooth coordination, effectiveness, and efficiency. The program also equips participants to deal with difficult challenges such as divisiveness and conflict. A special benefit of this program is teamwork and supportive relationships among peer supervisors, helping each other develop as well as achieve organizational results together.

Format: Virtual Live, weekly, ten 90-minute sessions. 

Upcoming Certificate Program

Program will be offered in spring 2023, dates TBD.

Key Topics

  • Supervisory Roles, Responsibilities & Expectations
  • Emotional Intelligence for Supervisors
  • Managing Difficult Communications & Conflict
  • Supervisor as Team Leader 
  • Improving Performance in the Workplace for Yourself & Others
  • The Art of Organizing, Prioritizing, & Executing
  • One Process for Projects, Planning, Problems & Decisions
  • Overcoming Obstacles & Implementing Sustainable Change
  • Creating Your Own Leadership Competency Development Plan
  • Continuous Improvement for Participants and Program

Cost: $2,500

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To learn more email ils@dominican.edu or call (415) 482-1918.

This program is for executives who have the greatest impact on the total organization and the most strategic challenges such as navigating crisis, reinvention, and reorganization. The program develops greater insight into and tighter executive-team alignment around vision as well as short- and long-term execution. Executives have the option of working through a relevant current or recent case study, drawn from their organizational experience, for peer discussion. 

Format: Virtual Live, weekly, eight 90-minute sessions. May be adapted for in-person and hybrid delivery.

Program will be offered in the spring of 2023, dates TBD.


Session 1: Introducing the Art of Strategic Thinking
Session 2: Emotional Intelligence for Executives
Session 3: Creating High-Impact Team Performance
Session 4: Coaching for Results and Increased Capabilities
Session 5: Organizing Workloads, Aligning Responsibilities, Delegating Effectively
Session 6: Managing Change in Times of VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity)
Session 7: Crafting Your Personal Competency Development Plan
Session 8: Synthesizing Core Concepts and Future Direction

To learn more email ils@dominican.edu or call (415) 482-1918.

This program serves clients with personalized executive coaching. It includes a leadership 360 assessment combined with an executive coaching program emerging from high-performance values and practices.

Dominican’s team of highly experienced executive coaches are trained in 360 protocols. The program incorporates a 360-leadership survey, combined with Dominican’s executive coaches who provide personalized debriefing, goal-setting, and coaching to identify and meet leadership effectiveness goals. The program offers individual attention, confidentiality, and follow-up to ensure the achievement of developmental goals.

Format: Virtual Live

To learn more email ils@dominican.edu.

Clients and the Executive Education team collaborate to design and deliver a program customized to clients’ specific situations and aligned to their schedules, budgets, and goals. The program may focus on leadership development and/or a strategic business issue or need. From initial conversations through the last session, the outcomes lead to lasting positive impact, as well as ambitious goal achievement.

Contact us to learn about how we can work with you to create the solutions you need or call (415) 482-1918.


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Testimonial: Linda Lang, CHR Officer, Marin Health

"The Leadership Academy delivered exactly what we needed to create a common understanding of our vision and equip our management with a primer on how to get there.”

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Testimonial: Joe Murphy, Area Manager, WBE Inc.

“The Leadership program made me a better leader, at work but also at home and as a high-school football coach. I would strongly recommend this course to anyone wanting to be a strong and respected leader.”

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Testimonial: Bridget Choate, PW Manager, County of Marin

“Dominican’s Leadership program taught me so much about being prepared, thinking strategically, getting around obstacles, and not taking no for an answer. I have also met some amazing people and formed valuable relationships.”

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