Program Goals, Outcomes and PANCE Performance

Learn more about the Masters in Physician Studies Program goals, outcomes and PANCE performance.

Program Goals

  1. Annual first-time PANCE pass rate at or above the national mean
  2. Student to faculty ratio at or lower (at max. enrollment) than the PAEA national mean for private institutions 
  3. Student academic attrition rates <7% per class*
  4. Job placement for each cohort at 100% by six months after graduation

*Student academic attrition rates represent the number of students dismissed or decelerated or who were failing one or more courses at the time of a withdrawal or LOA for a given class year divided by the entering-class size. This does not include students who took a leave of absence or withdrew for other reasons.

Program Success at Achieving its Goals

1.  First-time PANCE Pass Rate

DUC MSPAS Class DUC PANCE Pass Rate National PANCE Pass Rate
2019 96% 93%
2020 100% 95%
2021 96% 93%
2022 100% 92%

We have achieved our goal for all three graduating classes.


2. Student to Faculty Ratio  

Academic Year DUC Ratio PAEA Ratio
2017-2018 6:9:1 15.9:1 – Report 32
2018-2019 9:0:1 12.7:1 – Report 33
2019-2020 11.7:1 12.8:1 – Report 34
2020-2021 12.6:1 13.3:1 – Report 35

We have achieved our goal for all classes noted above.

3.  Academic Attrition Rates  

DUC MSPAS Class Academic Student Attrition
2019 4%
2020 0%
2021 6.7%
2022 0%

We have achieved our goal for all classes noted above.

4.  Job Placement at Six Months After Graduation  

DUC MSPAS Class Job Placement Rate at Six Months
2019 87%
2020 93%
2021 96%

For 2019, the program did not reach its goal of 100%. At six months (July 2020), 87% had secured employment as a PA. At 12 months, all graduates secured employment.

Program Outcomes

PANCE Performance

Read about graduate performance on certifying exams in the PANCE Performance Report.