Humanities and Cultural Studies

As you explore the questions, ideas, and values at the heart of cultural expression, gain employable skills in research, analysis, and communication. Investigate the ways individuals and societies shape human experience and imagine future possibilities for our shared world.

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The Humanities and Cultural Studies major investigates how people, across time and around the world, have made meaning of the human condition through art, literature, philosophy, religion, and more. 

If you like the idea of exploring culture and considering the deeper meaning of humanity, then this is the major for you. As you study, you will gain excellent employable skills in research, analysis, and written communication, all of which are perfect for teaching or working in corporate, governmental, and nonprofit institutions, as well as for getting into excellent graduate schools, including law. 

The major is flexible enough to study abroad and small enough for a second major or several minors. Students in our program will undertake a significant research project on a topic of your choosing. When completed, the project will be published online, which can lead to opportunities for employment, networking and additional meaningful connections.


A minor in Humanities includes four courses: a humanities seminar, an interdisciplinary thinking course, and two electives drawn from cultural studies, literature, history, philosophy, visual studies, gender studies, and/or religion. Learn more about our Minor Requirements on our course catalog.

Career Paths

Alumni have been admitted to Berkeley Law, University of Chicago, Stanford, UC Berkeley, and other prestigious schools. As teachers, lawyers, social workers, project planners, tech analysts, and more, our graduates have found work wherever Humanities skills are valued and needed.

Admissions and Aid

A degree from a private university like Dominican University of California is more accessible than you might think. For most students there is no application fee and we don't ask for test scores. We're also proud to say that more than 99 percent of our first-year incoming students receive financial aid, which makes paying for school within reach.

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Humanities Master’s Degree

Undergraduate students can pursue a Master’s degree in Humanities at Dominican by taking an additional 12 units of graduate humanities seminars as an undergraduate. We call this a “4+1”.

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Faculty & Staff

Chase Clow headshot

Chase Clow, PhD

Assistant Professor, Humanities
Perry Guevara headshot

Perry Guevara, PhD

Assistant Professor of English
Judy Halebsky headshot

Judy Halebsky, PhD

Director of the MFA Associate Professor of English


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Thomas Burke, MFA

Assistant Professor, Literature & Languages and Social & Cultural Studies
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Adam J. Carl

Director of Operations, Budget and Administrative Manager

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