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Discover what fuels creative expression and free thought. Analyze and interpret diverse forms of cultural expression. Let curiosity be your guide; you just might change the world.

The Division of Literature, Language, and Humanities houses academic disciplines that examine the human condition, employing methods of knowing that are primarily critical, interpretative, and creative. Our programs are inspired by the belief that the study of literary and other cultural forms cultivates free thinking, innovation, and personal well-being. Through such study, we encourage students to question existing cultural norms and social rules, and to imagine more just and ethical futures for all. In a diverse world of clashing viewpoints, the digital revolution, and climate uncertainty, the humanities build personal and collective resilience.

Our three degree-granting programs are English and Creative Writing, Humanities and Cultural Studies, and Literary and Intercultural Studies (ADC). Each emphasizes interdisciplinarity and tech savvy while pursuing humanistic knowledge. Discussion-based classes and workshops led by diverse scholars, writers, and performance artists support hands-on learning and close collaboration between students and faculty. Interdisciplinary tracks in Cultural Studies and Performance Studies develop essential critical thinking and communication skills sought by leaders in tech, politics, law, and business.

The division also supports flexible undergraduate minors in American Studies, Creative Writing, English, Health Humanities, Performing Arts & Social Change, and Spanish.

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Literature, Language and Humanities Leadership

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Amy R. Wong, PhD

Associate Professor of English Chair of Literature, Language, and Humanities

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Joan Baranow, PhD

Professor of English
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Judy Halebsky, PhD

Director of the MFA Professor of English


Dan May

Dan May, MA

Assistant Professor
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Radica Ostojic-Portello

Adjunct Professor
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Carlos Rodriguez, MA

Assistant Professor of English
Amy Wong headshot

Amy R. Wong, PhD

Associate Professor of English Chair of Literature, Language, and Humanities
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Vivian Delchamps, PhD

Assistant Professor of English
Claudia Morales

Claudia Morales Ramirez

Assistant Professor of English