International, intercultural, and interdisciplinary, the minor enables students to develop and hone advanced Spanish skills while acquiring a background in the complex histories, literatures, cultures, and intellectual traditions of the peoples of Spain, Latin America, and U.S. Latino communities.

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Program Highlights

The Spanish minor is designed to enable students to develop advanced Spanish skills in speaking, reading, and writing while acquiring a solid background in the complex history, literature, cultures, and intellectual traditions of Spain, Latin America, and the Latino US, as well as develop speaking skills in their field of expertise.

The minor consists of 16 units, of which 12 will be upper-division courses.

Program Learning Outcomes

Students completing a Spanish minor will demonstrate the ability to:

  • Understand both spoken and written modern Spanish across a range of registers and in a variety of contexts.
  • Speak Spanish with a high level of accuracy.
  • Write essays articulately and convincingly in Spanish.
  • Understand and apply theoretical and critical approaches to various aspects of Hispanic culture.

Career Paths

The Spanish Minor is especially helpful for students preparing for professions in business, counseling, education, government, health sciences and medicine, pre-law, law enforcement, and many others. 

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Learning Outcomes

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Global Learning

Cultivate an appreciation of cultural diversity and understanding of global interdependence through Study Abroad and Global Learning. Study abroad will be offered in conjunction with the Spanish Minor program.

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Faculty and Staff

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