The Department of Natural Sciences and Mathematics offers a full range of courses in mathematics as well as the option to pursue a minor.


Female student studying

"Mathematics improves your logical reasoning and critical thinking skills, which is useful in any major. In addition to my molecular cell biology major and music minor, having a math minor strengthened my medical school application. It also distinguished me from other job applicants. Landing a job as a manufacturing associate at BioMarin shortly after I graduated."

Irene Wilson, Math minor



Our course offerings span from college math to calculus, from statistics to quantitative reasoning and analysis and more.  When you study math at Dominican, you will have access a wide array of progressive math courses to satisfy the full range of your academic pursuits in mathematics.  You will also have the opportunity to participate in a math internship, independent study, and a unique teaching assistant experience at the undergraduate level.  

Our math courses are also designed to fulfill General Education requirements and prerequisites for majors and minors in other departments.

Minor in Mathematics Program Requirements and Course Descriptions