Planetary Health

Changes to Earth’s natural systems, including climate change, is the most significant public health challenge of the 21st century. With a minor in Planetary Health, you will learn to address urgent and complex challenges at the intersection of global environmental change and human health.

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As the pace and scale of human impacts on Earth’s natural systems continues to grow, there is increasing interest in understanding and quantifying the implications of these accelerating changes for human health.

The emerging field of planetary health links changes in natural systems to human health and well-being. The goal of the Planetary Health minor is to equip future practitioners with the education and training needed to address complex challenges and to develop equitable, solution-oriented actions and policies.

Program Highlights

In the Planetary Health minor, students will:

  • Identify how anthropogenic changes to natural systems influence human health outcomes using mixed-methods approaches.
  • Gain an understanding of the interrelated factors shaping human health on a changing planet, including geographical scale, temporal scale, and socio-cultural and economic context.
  • Examine the new ethical terrain of planetary health, including assessing equity issues around whose health is impacted by changes to natural systems.
  • Design and advocate for policies that are sound for the health of humans and the environment.
  • Recognize and anticipate the surprises and unintended human health consequences associated with changing environmental conditions.

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