Interdisciplinary Studies

Design your own major by bringing together two or more fields of study around a theme of your choosing. Name the major, choose the courses, and gain the knowledge and skills necessary to reach your long-term goals.

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Imagine the possibilities: Medical Humanities, Environmental Arts, Science Communication, Arts Management.

If you’re a self-directed student, with strong plans for your future, and interests in two or more academic areas, you can design your own Interdisciplinary Studies major.

Faculty will help you determine which courses constitute an integrated program of study, and prepare you to take on a senior project or thesis focused on an interdisciplinary problem.

The major typically consists of 18 upper-division units in one discipline, with additional units from other areas to total 35-45 units. (A BS requires more total units in the major, typically around 60.)

Students should declare their major at the end of their sophomore year or the first semester of their junior year. Upper administration must approve the major, and a special form is required. 

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