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Join the next generation of makers, thinkers, and leaders as you learn the cutting-edge computer skills essential to compete in an increasingly digital world. 

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The coding and software design minor provides an innovative, project-based curriculum in coding and software design. Developed in collaboration with leading tech employers, including Etsy, Lyft, and LinkedIn, the minor allows you to infuse coding and programming skills into your educational experience — regardless of your major! Learn more about Minor Requirements on our course catalog.

Program Highlights

  • Design, build, and launch software products to address real-world problems
  • Practice quantitative and qualitative reasoning, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills
  • Identify, interpret, and evaluate data sets
  • Assess, choose, and implement technologies with attention to ethics, equity, and social justice
  • Learn strategies for effective communication in multiple domains, including coding craftsmanship, as well as written and oral communications

Career Paths

Many tech careers do not require intensive training in computer engineering, but simply a foundational knowledge of coding, software design and the language of the tech industry. The CS Minor provides this, opening doors to careers in social media, digital advertising, web and app development, and more. 

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Admissions and Aid

A degree from a private university like Dominican University of California is more accessible than you might think. For most students there is no application fee and we don't ask for test scores. We're also proud to say that more than 99 percent of our first-year incoming students receive financial aid, which makes paying for school within reach.

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