American Rescue Plan Information

In response to the continued COVID-19 pandemic, President Biden signed into law the American Rescue Plan (ARP) to provide additional coronavirus relief funding for higher education. Dominican received funding from this legislation and administered it according to federal guidelines.

Our Process

The Office of Financial Aid at Dominican reserved $100,000 of it’s allocation of $1,738,032 in funding for students who petitioned for adjustments to their Financial Aid through the Professional Judgement process. 

Dominican issued the first round of funding to students with a $0 Expected Family Contribution (EFC) that were enrolled at Dominican as of the first day of class for the Fall 2021 semester (August 23rd, 2021). Applications were not requested nor required. Eligible students were awarded through ARP.

For the second round of funding, Dominican sent a response form to students enrolled as of the Census date for Fall 2021 (September 15th, 2021). The response form is being used to determine if students would like the funds given directly to them or applied to any outstanding balance due to Dominican. Students are not required to complete the form to be awarded. Eligible students who do not complete the form will be issued a check directly to them. 

As part of ARP, the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund III provided emergency funds to higher education institutions to provide grants for students and to support institutional expenses related to COVID-19. 

At least 50 percent of the funds received must be used to provide emergency grants for students who have incurred costs directly related to COVID-19. Examples include, but are not limited to: housing, food, technology, course materials, child care, and healthcare needs.

On June 30th, 2021, Dominican submitted the signed certification and agreement to receive this emergency funding. Under this agreement, the University will use at least 50 percent of the allocated funds to award emergency grants to students.

Dominican was allocated $3,702,051 in funding from ARP. At least $1,738,032 of that allocation will be spent as emergency grants to students.

For the first round of funding, students must have been enrolled in a program of study at Dominican as of the first date of the Fall 2021 semester (August 23rd, 2021). For the second round of funding, students must have been enrolled as of the Census Date for the Fall 2021 semester (September 15th, 2021). 

The estimated number of Dominican students meeting these eligibility requirements is 1,790.

As of October 14th, 2021, a partial amount for funds available for student emergency grants ($270,000) has been allocated to 270 students as follows:

  • 270 students received $1,000 in grant funds.

In the first round of awarding, Dominican reviewed all students who had a valid FAFSA on file for the 2021-22 academic year with a calculated $0 Expected Family Contribution and were enrolled in courses as part of a Dominican program as of August 23rd, 2021.

Per the request of the Secretary of Education, financial need was considered when determining the amount of the grant for each student. Emergency grants were distributed as follows:

  • Students who met the eligibility requirements for the first round of funding were issued emergency grants of $1,000 each directly to the student.

For the second round of funding, the remaining emergency grant funds, less a portion reserved for Professional Judgement cases, will be evenly distributed amongst all students enrolled as of Dominican’s Census Date of September 25th, 2021 for the Fall 2021 semester.

Students who submit a petition for an adjustment to the Financial Aid Award through the Professional Judgement process will be issued additional emergency grants using the reserved portion until funds have been exhausted.

On October 1st, 2021, all students enrolled as of the University’s Census Date (September 25th, 2021) for Fall 2021 were sent an email informing them about the ARP emergency grants. Students were provided with an optional response form to communicate if the funds should be issued directly to them or applied to any balance owed to Dominican.  

This website will be updated at the quarterly intervals indicated by the Secretary of Education. 

The remaining $1,739,639 of Dominican's allocation not marked for student emergency grants is classified as the Institutional Portion. These funds were used to cover loss revenue from academic sources. Per reporting requirements, our Expenditure Report is available online in the HEERF Reports section below.

For more information, please visit: ARP: American Rescue Plan.