Outside Scholarships

Undergraduate, Graduate and Adult Degree Completion students may be eligible for external scholarships. Review each scholarship below for eligibility and application requirements. 

Many government organizations, non-profit entities, and private businesses offer scholarships to students. Each organization will have their own set of criteria that a student must meet in order to apply. While it’s up to you to find and apply for these scholarships, here are a few tips to help in that search:

  1. Avoid scams! Scholarships that ask for credit card or bank account information are most likely not legitimate.
  2. Create an email account to use just for applying for scholarships.
  3. Focus on applications that request an essay. You’ll have less competition.
  4. Avoid applications that only ask for your basic information. You’ll typically have more competition.

Here are a few scholarship resources to get started:

Dominican students have successfully received scholarships from several Bay Area organizations. Please visit the following websites to determine each scholarship eligibility requirements, application window and deadline.