Graduate Tuition and Aid

To view your estimated cost of attendance (including tuition and fees) as well as financial aid options, please see below.

Find Your Program

Visit our Graduate Program directory to get started or go directly to your program's tuition and aid page:  

Billing and Payment

A payment plan is available to all students. Once you are registered, visit Student Billing to learn how to establish a payment plan. 

For questions about your billing statement and/or the charges that appear on it, as well as our Tuition Refund Policy, please contact the Business Services Office.

  • The balance on your student account is due by the published due date, regardless of the status of your financial aid. If a balance is paid and then financial aid is applied, any credit balance will be refunded to the student.
  • All students receiving financial aid (grants, scholarships, loans, and/or work-study) must submit the Dominican Financial Aid Application.
  • Students interested in borrowing loans or finding a work-study position must also submit the FAFSA.
  • Anticipated Financial Aid will show on your billing statement once all required items are received and processed by the Office of Financial Aid.

  • To see what specific documents are needed to finalize your financial aid, please visit the Dominican’s Financial Aid Portal.

  • The number of anticipated units of enrollment reported on the Dominican Financial Aid Application must match the number of units in which the student enrolls in order for anticipated aid to be reflected on the account statement. If they don't match, the student will need to notify the Office of Financial Aid to resolve.

  • If your financial aid is not finalized before the dates below, it may not show on your first student account statement for the term.

    Fall Semester May 1
    Spring Semester November 1
    Summer Semester April 1
  • Students who withdraw from the University after enrolling in courses for a term are subject to the Tuition Refund Policy.

Estimated Indirect Costs

In addition to tuition and fees, students may incur other expenses while attending Dominican. Below are estimated amounts determined by the State of California for what students should budget. Please review the specific tuition pages linked above for the program in which you’re interested for the tuition cost information.

Fall and Spring Semesters (combined)

Housing Status Off-Campus Living w/ Parent
Indirect Expenses (Potential expenses paid to third parties)
Housing/Food Allowance $16,580 $8,780
Books and Supplies $1,080 $1,080
Personal Expenses $3,784 $3,225
Transportation $858 $938
Estimated Loan Fees $218 $218
Indirect Expense Total $22,520 $14,242

Please refer to the appropriate program page for information about specific tuition and fees for that program.


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Private and Local Scholarships

Many government organizations, non-profit entities, and private businesses offer scholarships.

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Graduate Loans

Graduate students have access to federal loans to help meet their cost of attending Dominican.

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