Federal Work-Study (FWS) is a program funded by both the Federal Government and the University which provides students an opportunity to earn financial assistance. FWS is awarded to students on the basis of financial need determined by FAFSA. Students earn these funds by finding employment in an on-campus part-time job with one of the University’s departments or off-campus with one of the University's community service partners.

How do I apply for Federal Work-Study? 

In order to be eligible for FWS, interested students must:

How do I find a Work-Study job?

Students who are looking for FWS jobs are encouraged to attend the Work-Study Job Fair that is held on the first Wednesday of the Fall Semester. Students can meet with many of the on-campus and off-campus supervisors who are looking to hire students. Students can also check for open positions on the bulletin board outside of the Office of Financial Aid or in the Work-Study menu on the Dominican Financial Aid Portal. Contact the listed hiring departments for additional instructions on applying for that department's job.

Is a FWS award required in order to work?

A FWS award is required in order to work for all off-campus employers; however, there are some on-campus departments that are able to employ students who were not awarded with FWS. Students should inquire with each supervisor to see if their department has this availability.

How do students get paid?

Students are paid twice monthly and the amount is paid directly to the student. Earnings are not automatically applied towards tuition. Students may opt to be paid by check or through direct deposit.

What else do I need to know about FWS? 

Amount Earned: The actual amount of the award a student earns depends on the their rate of pay and number of hours worked. Students will earn at least California or federal minimum wage.

Tips for Applying for Work-Study Jobs

Landing a Work-Study job can be difficult as there are more students looking for a job than there are jobs, so here are a few tips that should help you along the way:

  • Start applying early in the Fall semester! Positions get taken up quickly. Come to our Work-Study Job Fair on the first Wednesday of the Fall semester and start meeting with hiring departments!
  • Have a one-page resume that highlights your work, academic, athletic, or volunteer achievements.
  • Have a schedule of when you are free to work and include it with your resume.
  • Prepare for an interview! Interviews will most likely be short, but be prepared to answer a few questions about your experience. When given the opportunity to ask a question, use the opportunity to ask about the job! Show that you are curious and want to learn more!
  • Send a thank you note afterwards. Emails work perfectly for this!

Do I have to participate in Work-Study?

Students are not required to participate in Work-Study if they have an FWS award. It is optional!

Student Employment Handbook (PDF)