Membership and Fees

OLLI at Dominican is a membership-driven community of adult learners. Anyone 50 years of age or older may join OLLI.




New to OLLI Discount
If you are new to OLLI, take one four-, six- or eight-week course or workshop in the Winter 2019 session for half-price, a savings of $48 - $100.

Other Discounts
Dominican faculty, staff, alumni, and residents of our partner locations may be eligible for discounts. Contact the OLLI office at 415-458-3763 for further information.

Refund Policy

Members are eligible for a refund of all fees minus an administrative fee of $25 if the request is received in writing at least one week before the first class of the session. Premium Members are eligible for a refund of all fees if the request is received in writing at least one week before the start of their first session.

Guest Policy

Guests may attend courses that are not full or closed, when accompanied by an OLLI member. After consulting with the OLLI office regarding space availability, members can bring a guest to any course for which they are registered one time only. Guests must fully register for the course to attend any subsequent classes.

Courses cannot be audited.

Absent members cannot send replacements to class (registrations are non-transferable).

Scholarship Programs

If you wish to be considered for a scholarship, send a letter (email is preferred) with your contact information and monthly income. Please send your request before December 1, 2018. Applicants must send a copy of their prior year tax return in addition to their letter of request.

We offer two types of scholarship:

For Premium Membership: one-half off the annual cost; the member is eligible for all benefits of Premium Membership including the option to take up to four courses per session (Fall/Winter/Spring). The summer session is not included.

For Basic Membership: upon payment of a $25 fee each session ($75) annually, the member may take two courses or workshops each session without further payment (6 courses or workshops per year). The summer session is not included.

Wait Lists

When a course, workshop, club, or discussion group is full we begin a wait list. We place interested members on the list and notify members via telephone. If a registered member drops the course, workshop, club or discussion group, we call the first person on the wait list; if a second member drops, we call the second person, etc. 

Please do not attend until you have been notified that there is space available and reserved for you.