Global Education Office


The Global Education Office (GEO) supports the campus mission to educate socially responsible global citizens through study abroad with our global partners.

GEO’s global partnerships advance academic learning outcomes in three key areas: 

  • Dominican global learning
  • International student/scholar services
  • Faculty/staff global engagement

The Dominican Experience 

The Global Education Office integrates the Dominican Experience into all aspects of our work. 

  • Integrative Coaching: Global citizenship theory and identity development are embedded in Dominican Experience curriculum.
  • Community Engagement: Strategic and focused partnerships for Global Learning coursework and fieldwork and internships — locally and abroad.
  • Signature Work: We support students developing their signature work through data collection, research findings, photo essays, videos, study blogs, creative writing and reflective essays.
  • Digital Portfolio: Students often integrate reflection and documentation of their Global Learning experience into their digital portfolio. 


Contact Information

Meet our Team

Vaolele Stawiarski

Vaolele Stawiarski

Director for the Global Education Office Primary Designated School Official