Enrollment and Marketing


The Office of Enrollment and Marketing manages the strategies and tactics that shape enrollment, oversees marketing, strategic communications and media relations and provides direction for the financial aid office.


The Undergraduate and Graduate Admissions Offices helps prepare students for the beginning of their Dominican story, supporting undergraduate, graduate and adult degree completion students.

Communications and Media Relations

The Office of Communications and Media Relations tells the stories and promotes awareness of the University.

Tuition and Financial Aid

The Office of Financial Aid provides support and guidance for aid opportunities to enable applicants and current students, along with their families, to make the best choices for both their educational needs and financial well-being.


As the steward of the Dominican brand, the Marketing Department oversees University marketing, advertising and promotion efforts, identifies marketing opportunities, recommends and supports market-research activities, and serves as a resource for University staff and faculty.


Enrollment and Marketing Leadership

Vickie Alleman headshot

Vickie Alleman

VP, Enrollment and Marketing

Contact Information

Meet Our Team

Vickie Alleman headshot

Vickie Alleman

VP, Enrollment and Marketing
Brandon Boutler headshot

Brandon M. Boulter, MBA

Assistant Vice President for Enrollment
Rebecca Keenan headshot

Rebecca Keenan, MS

Executive Director of Financial Aid and Enrollment Management
Sarah Gardner headshot

Sarah Gardner

Executive Director, Communications and Media Relations
sierra alvis robinson headshot

Sierra Alvis Robinson

Executive Marketing Director
Maria Gentile headshot

Maria Gentile

Director of Undergraduate Admissions
Zelotes Smith headshot

Zelotes Smith, MS

Director of Financial Aid
Denise Abel headshot

Denise Abell

Admissions Reception
James Knuffke headshot

James Knuffke

Assistant Director of Enrollment Systems & Operations
Anna Lebedeff headshot

Anna Lebedeff

Senior Enrollment Communications & Marketing Manager
dominican seal

Carmen Ramirez

Admission Specialist II
Maryann Sagesse headshot

Maryann Saggese

Associate Director of Admissions Operations
Gabriela Grubb headshot

Gabriela Grubb

Senior Marketing Manager
Margaret Wylie headshot

Margaret Wylie

Art Director
Erin McEwen headshot

Erin-Marie MacEwen

Digital Project Manager
Dave Albee headshot

Dave Albee

Director, Communications and Media Relations
Ann-lise Fitting headshot

Ann-lise Fitting

Financial Aid Counselor
Santos Carter headshot

Santos Carter

Financial Aid Counselor and Veteran Benefits Coordinator
Lesley Castaing headshot

Lesley Castaing

Operations and Loan Manager
Jenny Cardona headshot

Jenny Cardona

Financial Aid Assistant
Deepa Raghupathy headshot

Deepa Raghupathy

Graduate Admissions Counselor
Allyse Rudolph headshot

Allyse Rudolph, MA

Associate Director of Graduate Admissions
Robert Bassin headshot

Robert Bassin, MA, MBA

Assistant Director, Undergraduate Admissions
Alyssa Pedersen headshot

Alyssa Pedersen

Undergraduate Admissions Counselor
Julissa Ramirez headshot

Julissa Ramirez-Romo

Undergraduate Admissions Counselor
Dennis Yan headshot

Dennis Yan

Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admissions