Board of Directors

The Alumni Board is comprised of a diverse group of graduates who meet quarterly to promote the interests of Dominican University of California. The Board’s mission is to establish and maintain a mutually beneficial relationship between the University and alumni.

Please complete the Alumni Board of Directors Peer Nomination Form if you wish to nominate a fellow Dominican graduate for the board. Candidates will then be asked to complete a separate application if they are interested in representing the Alumni Association. 

Alumni Board roles and responsibilities include: 

  • Using your energy, initiative, expertise and creativity to represent more than 16,000 alumni from a variety of degree programs, and encouraging their engagement in the Dominican community
  • Supporting the University as a goodwill ambassador
  • Giving to the Annual Fund and supporting special university campaigns
  • Actively participating on one Task Force to enhance the Dominican alumni experience
  • Attending each of the scheduled board meetings (fall, winter, spring and summer) and an annual one-day retreat
  • Participating in at least four alumni events during the year, with special emphasis on Reunion and Christmas activities

It's crucial that I do what I can to make it possible for students to receive the Dominican Experience. It takes a community to maintain Dominican’s growth and keep it successful. If you love where Dominican is going, what it stands for, and what it has been, it doesn't take a lot to make a difference." — Cameron Parker '08, MBA '10

Name Graduation Year Degree
Sr. Patricia Dougherty O.P. 1967 BA, History
Lorraine Barry 1986 BA, Humanities
Joy Phoenix 1993 BA, Art
Betts Disney 1996 BS, Business
Christian Lorentz 2002, MBA 2012 BA, History; MBA Global Strategic Management
Jessica Golly-Devlin 2004 BA, Political Science
Anne Torok 2004 BS, Occupational Therapy
Charles Torok 2004 BA, Strategic Management
Brian Moore 2005 BA, Communications
Gigi Gillard 2006, MBA 2007 BA, Intl. Management; MBA, Global Management

Cady Marsh
(President elect)

2007, MBA 2009 BA, Business; MBA Sustainable Enterprise
Cameron Parker 2008, MBA 2010 BA, Business; MBA Global Management
Phie Tuft 2009 MBA, Sustainable Enterprise
Marcia Barahona (President) 2010, MBA 2015 BA, Management; MBA, Global Management
Lorel Grande
2010, MA 2014 B.A. Psychology; MA Counseling Psychology
Matt Gaulding 2012 MBA, Sustainable Enterprise
Cynthia Roldan-Frias 2014 MBA, Strategic Leadership
Ami Arroyo 2016 MBA, General Business
Salvador Chavez 2016, MSOT 2017 BS, Health Science; MSOT
Alexis Rauschkolb 2018 BA, Management