All In for Dominican

Join the Movement: All In for Dominican! March 19, 2024

all in for dominican with penguions

Since its inception in 2017, All In for Dominican has been more than just a day—it's a dynamic movement. Together, we've inspired over 4,000 donors, collectively raising $1.2 million!

A Milestone Goal for a Legendary Legacy
Our goal this year? $189,000, honoring the founding year of Dominican. It's not just a number; it's a symbol of our shared legacy, a reflection of our commitment to nurturing the next generation of leaders.

Illuminate Paths, Shape Destinies
Your contribution does more than just support—it ignites hope and lights the way for our diverse and ambitious students. Many of these bright minds are pioneering their family's educational journey. 

At Dominican, we don’t just embrace diversity; we amplify it. Our students are the future—educators, healthcare heroes, and innovative entrepreneurs ready to craft a more equitable world.

Go All In for Dominican

Empowerment Through Education: A Call to Action

The impact of your support is tangible in our students' stories:

  • 22% are trailblazers in their family’s educational journey.
  • 32% are empowered through Pell Grants, supporting those from low-income backgrounds.
  • 97% rely on financial aid, a lifeline primarily provided by Dominican, bolstered by your generosity.

Your support is a declaration of belief in the transformative power of education.

All In for Dominican. Now and Always.

Don’t want to wait until March 19? This year, ignite a chain of giving by joining Always In for Dominican, our monthly giving program. Your ongoing support is the heartbeat of our campaign, fueling our All In for Dominican goal. Become a beacon of continuous support at