Community Action and Social Change Minor

The Community Action and Social Change minor provides a structure for working with people in the community to bring about a more sustainable, equitable, and just world.


The CASC minor complements many of our majors and provides students across academic majors a sustained and developmental path towards deeper and more meaningful engagement in the community.

The minor addresses social and environmental issues, community-engaged knowledge and skills to better prepare students for 21st century challenges and careers that contribute to the public good. 



Meet some of our CASC Minors:

Empathy hasn’t changed the policies that restrict undocumented immigrants from accessing food for their families...The most crucial component of critical consciousness is that you can no longer ignore the injustices.. . . It’s the responsibility of teachers, students, government officials, everyone to make a change in our system that consciously Others the most marginalized.
Karla Hernandez Navarro
CASC Minor, BA, Business Administration, '19
Student Leader for Canal Alliance
I always know my passion is education and be a voice for the public. It is complicated to change the social structure that we are in right now. We can not change it overnight; we can only change it in generations after us. However, we need to start somewhere and I believe changes need to be made right now.
Nhan Pham
CASC Minor, BA, Business Administration, '19

This minor fuels my passion to change the flawed healthcare system—not only the laws and rules that are involved with the system, but the fact that some people are denied or not even eligible for care. Being cared for is an universal need, and no one should fear that they might not be able to have the supportive care.
Isabella "Bella" Rey
CASC Minor, BS, Nursing. 20

Each and every day that I spend with the community is another day that I learn something not only about myself but about the world around me. Serving the communities throughout Marin has opened my eyes to the social norms that we must challenge and the systemic issues we must fight if we want to create a society we are proud to be apart of. It has sparked a passion and drive that has changed my heart and soul for the better. We can say that we wish the world were different but what's the point if we don't do anything to make it happen?
Mia Nguyen
CASC Minor, BA, Psychology, '21
The CASC minor has opened a lot of doors for me. The course work that is addressed is clearly applicable to a wide variety of fields and really sets you apart when applying to internships and job. I worked closely with the SL department to really find a way to blend my passion for service and medicine together. My Professors in the minor were able to write my references for jobs I applied to for post-graduation and I just received an invitation to serve for the Peace Corps as a Health Volunteer in Moldova, Eastern Europe!
Dylan Martins
CASC Minor, BA, Bio Sciences, '19