Lynn Sondag

Lynn’s scholarship is committed to the multiple ways in which art intersects with community concerns and plays a valuable role in promoting justice and sustainability. Over the past five years, she has designed community-engaged art projects that focus on specific issues and physical spaces. Teaming up with local non-profits she has facilitated the production of three large-scale, site-specific, temporary public art projects that address pressing issues in the community such as homelessness and educational equity. 

Invited to work with key stakeholders in the Downtown San Rafael Arts District, she helped implement the Fall 2018 launch and collaborated with the Business Improvement District to create temporary artwork in empty storefront spaces. In a recent project, she worked alongside nine other artists to create an interior mural for Canal Alliance. “You Are Home” is intended to visually express the celebration of diverse cultures, and the aspiration and courage of newcomers.


California College of the Arts, MFA 

Savannah College of Art and Design, BFA

Research Interests

Lynn’s artistic practice is centered on connecting people with the communities they live and work in order to foster wellbeing and create awareness of the relationships we have with our environments and each other.  

Honors and Awards