Chemistry and Biochemistry

As a Chemistry and Biochemistry major, you will gain a broad foundation of knowledge in the chemical and physical sciences, preparing you for further study in a wide range of graduate programs, teacher credential programs, entry-level careers in government or private environmental organizations, and professional programs in medicine, dentistry, veterinary, optometry, physical therapy, nursing, and related paramedical careers.


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Undergraduates in our programs gain a strong understanding of the fundamental concepts of the scientific method, hands-on experience with laboratory techniques, and the ability to use scientific literature. They continue on their academic and career pursuits with a sensitivity for the interrelationship between science and human values.



Nicole McIntosh“I chose to be a chemistry and biochemistry major at Dominican for the intriguing curriculum, thought-provoking professors, and unique research opportunities. The science center became my second home where I found my niche and was taught to think critically. I am better equipped now - for life beyond graduation.”

—Nicole McIntosh -- BS Chemistry and Biochemistry. Class of 2017

Students may choose to major in Chemistry and Biochemistry leading to either a BA or BS or can select a curricular emphasis in Environmental Chemistry or Biochemistry leading to a BS. The program also offers courses designed to fulfill General Education requirements and prerequisites for majors and minors in other programs.

Additionally, students have the opportunity to participate in active research projects, thereby gaining valuable hands on experience in research methodology, problem solving, and intellectual discovery. The department provides internships in career related areas to further engage students in the active learning process.

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