Tyler Johnson, PhD

Tyler joined the Department of Natural Sciences and Mathematics in 2014. He received a BA in molecular cellular and development biology and a PhD in chemical oceanography from UC Santa Cruz. He conducted postdoctoral studies at UC Berkeley in collaboration with UC Davis, UC Santa Cruz, UCSF and LIPI (The Indonesian Institute of Life Sciences) as part of a NIH sponsored International Cooperative Biodiversity Group (ICBG) program with Fogarty International. Tyler has taught courses at Dominican that include: 1) General Chemistry I & II, 2) Organic Chemistry I and II, 3) Toxicology, 4) Research Methodology series 4990-4993 and 5) Science Seminar. His expertise is in the area of analytical and bioorganic chemistry with an emphasis in biomedical research involving natural products. 


UC Berkeley, Postdoctoral Research, Natural Products Chemistry

UC Santa Cruz, PhD, Chemical Oceanography  

UC Santa Cruz, BS, Molecular Cellular & Developmental Biology 

Research Interests

The goal of the Johnson laboratory is to chemically validate and standardize biologically active terrestrial and marine-derived natural products to serve as therapeutic lead molecular structures for treating cancer, inflammation and neurobiological disorders.

Novel molecular probes in chemical biology research.

Contact Information