Department of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Whether your next step is a graduate degree or in a profession such as medicine, as a science major at Dominican you will have an important edge in the achievement of your educational and career goals.

Biology students at beach doing research


Students take their learning to our living classroom, the local California coastline, where they engage in hands-on experiments with crustaceans and sea life.

Laboratory experience gives you the advantage of knowing how to structure an experiment, use laboratory equipment, record results, analyze data, and present your findings for peer review.  You will gain professional credentials by presenting research findings at conferences, and co-authoring scientific papers with Dominican faculty for publication.  As an undergraduate, you will also have the opportunity to study abroad in a global field biology course, visiting ecologically sensitive sites like sub Saharan Africa or the Great Barrier Reef.

These opportunities are bringing more and more students to Dominican to study the sciences, and have led our students to graduate successfully at a much higher rate than the national average.

Dominican undergraduate science majors have been accepted into summer intern programs at Harvard University, Stanford University, the National Institutes of Health, and others.  And Dominican graduates are working for prestigious institutions like the Human Genome Project, the La Jolla Cancer Research Foundation, Genentech, and the United States Park Service

Take a look at the engaged and experiential learning taking place in the Department of Natural Sciences and Mathematics.  

Offered Majors

 To learn more about programs in these areas, visit our current academic catalog below.

Biological Sciences (BA/BS)
General Biology Major
Integrative Biology Concentration
Ecology and Environmental Sciences Concentration
Molecular Cell Biology Concentration
Organismal Biology Concentration

Chemistry and Biochemistry (BA/BS) 
Chemistry Major (BA/BS)
Chemistry Major with Biochemistry Concentration (BS)
Chemistry Major with Environmental Chemistry Concentration (BS)

Offered Minors

Biological Sciences
Ecology and Environmental Sciences