Doreen Gurrola, MS

Doreen is the Anatomy and Physiology coordinator for Natural Sciences and Mathematics; helping oversee the curriculum for the numerous A&P courses that are offered to students pursuing medical careers. Her background in medical science stems from working at a marine mammal hospital. She has been studying marine life for over 30 years. In collaboration with the California Academy of Science, she and her students study the skull morphology and dental pathology of California sea lions. Field work and hands on education are a key component in her teaching. 


Moss Landing Marine Labs, San Jose State University, MS, Marine Science

Southampton College, BS, Psychobiology

Research Interests

Doreen is interested in marine mammal anatomy. She and her students are examining the Ray Bandar California sea lion collection at California Academy of Science. With over 3,000 skulls in the collection, we aim to find the prevalence of abnormalities and pathologies in the different age classes and sexes. 

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