Global Public Health

The field of global public health serves as an important foundation for the promotion and protection of health - locally, nationally, and globally. While clinical health professionals such as doctors and nurses work to treat illness and injury once they have occurred, global public health is focused on preventing problems from happening or re-occurring through the administration of prevention services, health education and promotion, policy development and regulation, and research.
Global Public Health Students in Costa Rica.jpg

Students exploring the links between ecosystem health and human health during a global learning course in Costa Rica.


A Bachelor of Science in Global Public Health is preparation for entry into a dynamic, complex, and broad profession.

The interdisciplinary Global Public Health curriculum is designed to position students for careers in global public health practice both locally and globally, as well as for further graduate study in global public health and health-related fields.

International Fieldwork

Global Public Health majors have the opportunity to study abroad to engage in applied research through the Global Learning Office.