The study of History at Dominican is a blending of science and art, where we learn to carefully analyze evidence alongside telling engaging stories.



At Dominican, the study of history is not a rote memorization of facts and dates, for as famed philosopher R.G. Collingwood notes, "Nothing capable of being memorized is history." Instead, the Dominican History program does history by equipping you with skills that will not become obsolete in a few years, maximizing your creativeness, and peaking your intellectual capacity. A Bachelor of Arts in History blends these expectations and skills together, making history a valuable commodity in the 21st century.
Our program emphasizes:
  •  Inquiry and analysis
  •  Written and oral communication
  •  Research skills and interpretation of data
Employers expect their new hires to have a solid grounding in diversity, civics, and human relationships. In addition, desirable skill-sets in critical thinking, group-work, research, and communications are necessary for advancement in one's chosen career.



Public History prepares students for interpretive historical work in both the public and private sectors by offering hands-on, practical experience, by conducting client-based projects. The study of Public History provides students with the unique opportunity to engage with the community in an effort to make history more accessible for the general population.
student presentation at marin headlands visitor center
In the Fall of 2016 students partnered with the National Park Service and worked closely with Park Rangers in the Marin Headlands resulting in the production of a website, podcast, and published historical guide.




International Studies Student, Service-Learning in Guadalajara, Mexico

The Latin American Studies minor is an interdisciplinary program in the humanities that introduces students to Latin American perspectives of history, geography, literature, politics, and art. The minor seeks to concentrate student studies on significant areas, periods, issues, movements, and individuals.
  •  Study of Spanish language is encouraged
  •  Study abroad opportunities are available
  •  Internships with local organizations such as the Latino Film Festival of the San Francisco Bay Area, Youth and Video Project of the Latino Film Festival, Latino Canal Ministries, and Canal Outreach