Studio Art BA

Dominican Studio Art BA degree programs are solid, comprehensive, and of renowned quality. We are committed to an art education that gives students lifelong skills as professional artists and art scholars. Students receive excellent guidance from a dedicated faculty of accomplished and practicing artists.

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Throughout their studies, students are encouraged to think deeply and critically about their work. Our integrative curriculum presents majors in conjunction with a Minor in Art History. A Minor in Arts Management is also available. Our graduates in Studio Art are successful in receiving placements in graduate programs and are enjoying careers in teaching, fine and commercial art, illustration, and museum/gallery work.

We emphasize the artist’s ability to inspire and empower individuals and communities alike. Courses are often designed to cultivate a reflective outlook and social consciousness, inviting students to engage in collaborative and community-based learning.

Students are also strongly encouraged to discover diverse cultural experiences through international studies abroad. This is the beginning of a life long journey for highly skilled visual scholars and artist citizens wanting to be influential participants in their fields as well as the society.


Studio Art Minor

The Minor in Studio Art is an excellent option to compliment to any degree offered at the university. Students may select four courses, 16 units, from offerings in Studio Art, Graphic Design and Art History.
Studio Art Minor Requirements