Graphic Design BA

We envision our students as future artists and designers who will contribute greatly to today’s global society. Ensconced in a liberal arts education, Graphic Design majors at Dominican receive multidisciplinary training as it applies to art making, designing, and scholarly research. Students are immersed in a learning environment where they can find and gather influences from other disciplines, and apply those influences to their vision and passions.

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annaThe Graphic Design curriculum upholds learning goals that emphasize the importance of both making and thinking. Craft and thought are continuously honed through the breadth and depth of core and advanced coursework. Creative scholarship is furthered by Art History and Humanities requirements which involve critical reading, reflection, and writing.

To be competitive in their fields, we equip students with highly desirable skills and abilities. In addition to having access to a state-of-the-art computer lab, students also work with hands-on and traditional approaches to creating, such as drawing and sculpture, which remain greatly valued in art and design industries. As a result, our graduates are successful in receiving placements in graduate programs and are enjoying careers in their fields of interest.

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BA Graphic Art, 4-year course plan

BFA Graphic Art, 4-year course plan