Website FAQ

This is a resource for Dominican faculty and staff to help answer questions about the new University website. 

For any questions not answered here, please contact the Marketing Department

Site Content

Please submit a website update request form and we'll make the correction as soon as possible. 

To begin the process, please submit a website update request form. We will consider each request carefully, but please know each request will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. 

We edited all content to adhere to one or more of the following: 

  • Internal style guides
  • AP style guide
  • SEO best practices
  • Accessibility best practices
  • Usability best practices

If you see something that has been edited in such a way that makes it inaccurate, please submit a website update request form

Yes! The site meets all standard website accessibility standards. If you see any content that you feel is not accessible, please contact us

Please have patience. It will take a few weeks for Google to index any new pages. Also know that Google searches are often dominated by paid results, meaning the top 10 results (or more) on each search results page are likely paid advertisements and will be given a higher placement than organic (non-paid) results.  

To request an event be added to the website, please complete the website update request form. Thanks!

Faculty and Staff Profiles

If your profile is missing, it's likely that we don't have a photo on file for you. Throughout the year, we schedule a professional photographer to take photos of staff and full-time faculty. To be included in a future shoot, please contact Gabriela Grubb.  

To present the campus in a consistent and professional manner, only marketing-sponsored photos will be considered for the website. 

It is important for the profile photos to be consistent, which means having the same background and lighting. For that reason, we only accept images from marketing headshot photo shoots. To be included in our next shoot, please contact us

That depends. If you look significantly different from the first time you had your photo taken, we will consider shooting an updated photo. However, if you just don't love your photo, we will most likely decline the request. Trust us, you look amazing. 

If we've misplaced your MBA, or if we've assigned you a degree you didn't in fact earn, please complete the website update request form and we'll make the correction. 

Please complete the website update request form and we'll make the correction. 

If there is inaccurate information on your profile summary, please complete the website update request form and we will make the correction. Please note — all content is edited for brevity and consistency.  

Please complete the website update request form, and we will remove you from the site. 

If you do not see your profile included on the site, chances are you did not complete a profile form. Please complete one of the following:

Site Navigation

We rebuilt the site from the ground up (all 800+ pages!) and in doing so, reorganized, renamed and recreated almost every page. In most cases, this means the page address (the URL) will be completely new. We installed as many redirects as possible to save your bookmarks, but you may need to:

  • Search the site (the search function works!) 
  • Create new bookmarks to replace the outdated ones. 

We've organized the site to adhere to usability, accessibility and search engine optimization best practices. But if you are having trouble locating a certain page, please try the following: 

  • The search function (located in the top right corner of every page) is the fastest way to find site content. 
  • Use the directory to find faculty and staff, and all school and administrative offices. 
  • "Resources For" (located in the header and footer of every page) is a quick way to find resources organized by user population. 

Additional questions? Please contact us.