Why Major in Political Science?

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Do you ever wonder why governmental officials make certain decisions? Do you think about who has power and why? Do you want to be able to contribute to the decision-making process, advocate for changing policies, and be an active and engaged member of society and help influence the future of your community and make it better? Do you like thinking about and debating the merits of political systems, laws, and policies? 

Many years ago, when I was a graduate student one of my professors said, “to all the cynical students out there, if you think you are powerless then you are.” I always think about this when people ask me why I study political science. 

The Benefits of Studying Political Science

Political Science gives you the tools to participate in the decision-making process on a variety of levels. Understanding how and why decisions are made, who has power and why helps you begin to learn how to be an effective advocate for change and for having influence in the future of your community, the country, and the world. It is the ability to analyze the significance of political events, actions of political actors, and policies that make political science relevant and practical. 

The political science major prepares students for a variety of careers in the public, corporate, and non-profit sectors. Political Science as a major ensures that students graduate with the necessary analytical and communication skills to compete successfully in the job market, apply for graduate and professional programs, and to be able to adapt throughout their lives to the ever-changing interdependent world. 

Majoring in Political Science 

By choosing to major (or minor) in Political Science you will improve your: 

  • Knowledge: of current and past events, the implications of laws and policies, and how and why decisions are made — so that you can effectively engage in the political process. 
  • Skills: critical thinking and analyzing, researching, synthesizing information, writing, and verbal communication.
  • Marketability: employers want to hire people who have the ability to analyze information, research complex and difficult problems, and understand the implications of decisions made by both the public and private sectors.

Why Choose Political Science at Dominican University of California? 

Located in the vibrant San Francisco Bay Area, Dominican University of California offers students opportunities both inside and outside the classroom to engage in critical debate and to hone the quantitative and analytical skills necessary to contribute positively and productively in the increasingly global and competitive workplace. 

Faculty work closely with students to help them pursue their goals and find their passions. Along the way, students acquire the necessary analytical, verbal, and written communication skills to compete successfully in the job market as well as apply for graduate and professional programs. Whether you are interested in international relations or domestic politics, debate, law, or policy we have classes and internships to help you pursue your goals and discover new interests.

Learn more about how a Political Science major or minor at Dominican University of California can help you become an informed, active, and responsible citizen and launch your career in areas of policy analysis, teaching, law, diplomacy, business, government, non-governmental organization, campaign management, and journalism.

Are you a high school senior with a passion for civic and community engagement? Check out Dominican’s Civic Action Fellowship program — offering incoming first-year students the opportunity to serve, attend college, and further their careers. 

Alison Howard is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science and the Chair of the Division of Public Affairs in the School of Liberal Arts and Education at Dominican University of California.

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