Why Choose a Public Health Career?

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Earning a Bachelor of Science in Global Public Health or choosing Planetary Health as a minor, prepares you to enter into a dynamic, complex, and broad profession. Why pursue a career in public health? The faculty from the Global Public Health department at Dominican University of California, share why they feel public health is the best career choice ever! 

Public Health is Social Justice

At a time when the country is having difficult conversations about race, inclusion, and equity, public health is right there at the table. For example, the Guiding Principles for Health and Equity from CA4Health emphasize finding solutions to systemic causes for community disparities. The Global Public Health major explicitly commits to uplifting diversity, equity, and inclusion in its content, teaching, learning outcomes, and community building. 

Public Health is Community Health 

The Covid-19 pandemic has shown us the importance of community cohesion and caring for each other. Our local public health departments are guiding us through this unprecedented time with up-to-date facts, resources, and data. In the public health major, students have the opportunity for internships with health departments and community-based organizations.

Speaking of Data, Public Health is Big Data

We utilize data and statistics to define and visualize some of our biggest political, social, and economic challenges, such as our rapidly changing planet. Dominican University of California's Planetary Health minor allows students to study how human activity influences the health of natural systems.

Public Health is Global

We have a multitude of ways to connect all over the world virtually and sometimes even in person. Events all over the world can impact us locally. In Dominican's Global Public Health major, students have the opportunity for international experiences that allow first-hand exploration of some of our most pressing global health issues.

Public Health Builds Job Skills For The Future 

Whether it’s researching solutions for our rapidly aging population, building water systems in low-income countries, or managing the healthy eating education program at the community center, the knowledge and skills learned in public health prepares students for an exciting range of careers.

Learn more about the Global Public Health major and the Planetary Health minor at Dominican. 

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This blog post was written by Dominican University of California's Global Public Health faculty. 

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