Undergraduate Tuition

If you are considering applying to Dominican as a first-year freshman, transfer student, or international student, we would be glad to help you through the process.

2019 - 2020 Undergraduate Estimated Cost of Attendance



Live On-Campus

Live Off-Campus

Live with Parents


$46,260 $46,260 $46,260
Fees (Campus Comp/Activity/Technology) $680 $680 $680
Room and Board $14,685** $15,084 $6,786
Books and Supplies $1,971 $1,971 $1,971
Transportation $864 $1,278 $1,134
Personal Expenses $2,853 $3,996 $3,564
Estimated Loan Fees $72 $72 $72
TOTAL $67,385 $69,341 $60,467


*Assumes full-time enrollment (between 12 - 18 units) for both the Fall and Spring semesters.
**On-Campus Room and Board assumes the student has a double occupancy on-campus dorm room and the 14 meals per week plan. Meal plan rate is estimated and pending finalization.


Tuition for full-time enrollment for both the Fall and Spring semesters is $46,260. If a student exceeds 18 units in a Fall/Spring semester, tuition will increase by $1,940 per excess unit. Fall/Spring part-time tuition (less than 12 units) is $1,940 per unit.

Campus Fees

All Undergraduate Day Program students are assessed a $190 non-refundable Campus Comprehensive Fee and a $50 Technology Fee for each semester attended, and a $100 ASDU Activities Fee each Fall/Spring semester attended.

Note the Technology Fee is refundable only until the first day of classes.

International students are assessed a $100 fee for each semester attended as well as assessed a $650 health insurance fee.

Room and Board

Room and Board in the above chart is quoted for Double Occupancy Room and 14 meals/week plan. Costs will change depending on if the student is in a dorm or town home, the occupancy size of the room (single, double or triple), and the type of meal plan selected (10, 14 or 19 meals/week plan). A meal plan is required for all on-campus residents.

On-Campus Dorm Rates (full year):

  • Single Occupancy Room – $10,230
  • Double Occupancy Room – $8,530
  • Triple Occupancy Room – $7,010

Meal Plan Rates (full year):

  • 10 Meals/Week Plan – $6,040
  • 14 Meals/Week Plan – $6,155
  • 19 Meals/Week Plan – $6,785

Town Home Rates (full year):

  • Single Occupancy Room - $13,840
  • Large Double Occupancy Room - $12,110
  • Small Double Occupancy Room - $11,620

Note:Town Home residents are not required to have a meal-plan.


If you have any questions about your billing statement and/or the charges that appear on it, please contact the Business Services Office at 415.257.0161 or [email protected].

Tuition Refund Policy

Students who withdraw from the University may be eligible for a Tuition Refund for the semester in which they withdraw. Please review the University's Tuition Refund Policy.