International Studies

A modern liberal arts education is incomplete without some understanding of the international and global nature of human society. International Studies majors can use the major as a means to explore the international and global dimensions of economics, politics, or culture, especially as they relate to a particular geographic area of study.

International Studies Major Requirements   |   Minor Requirements   

The opportunity to meet the former president of Mexico, Senor Vicente Fox, was inspirational. - Xandy Cimatu, Political Science Major, Class of 2010

International Studies (Major and Minor)

The changing demographics in California have brought the diversity of the globe to our local communities. The major is designed to give students the knowledge, skills, and confidence to work in multicultural settings, whether here or abroad.

International studies students learn to develop and articulate their own ideas about the importance of having an international and global perspective in an increasingly multicultural workplace. Students gain an understanding of how cultures differ, as well as the advantages and challenges of cultural diversity. International Studies majors also acquire a richer perspective of their own culture in the process.