Test-Optional Policy

First-year students applying for admission to Dominican University of California now have the option to submit SAT or ACT scores. 

Dominican’s test-optional policy supports Dominican’s holistic approach to considering applicants for admission, taking into account grades, rigor of the high school curriculum (including AP and honors classes), and involvement with extracurricular activities.


First-year applicants are not required to submit their test scores (SAT or ACT) for admission file review, except for exemptions below. When submitting the application for admission, applicants will indicate if they want test scores used in review of their application. If a student states they do not want test scores considered, Dominican will not review them as part of the admissions process even if Dominican has received test scores for the student. 

If a student submits multiple SAT or ACT test scores and wants test scores considered as part of the application review process, Dominican superscores the SAT Subscores for the Evidence-Based Reading and Writing and Math sections, or uses the highest provided ACT Composite score. If a student submits both SAT and ACT Scores, Dominican will consider the score most beneficial for the student’s application.


The following populations and majors are exempt from the test optional policy and must submit official ACT or SAT scores as part of their application for admission:

  • International students who need to demonstrate English proficiency

Supplemental Options

Students who choose Test Optional may upload any of the following to supplement their application through Dominican’s Applicant Portal:

  • A graded paper completed for an academic course in the last three years of high school, including senior year (PDF format).
  • A digital portfolio or online website demonstrating a talent or skill.
  • Reference letter regarding leadership activity in an organization such as civic, church, social or high school.
  • Proof of attainment of Eagle Scout through Boy Scouts of America or Gold Award in Girl Scouts of the USA along with evidence of the type of project/issue and details regarding the implementation.