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Cady Marsh ’07 ’09 MBA has transformed from a business student to blossoming into a social butterfly to owning her own social media marketing company to becoming president elect of the Dominican Alumni Association board of directors.

“She lives and breathes social media and networking,” says Mark Jaime, Alumni Relations Director at Dominican.

“A lot of my confidence came from Dominican, and having that room to grow,” Cady says.

Cady’s business experience at Dominican started with an internship, after she transferred from a community college during her sophomore year. Dr. Christopher Leeds, professor in the Barowsky School of Business, aligned Cady with an internship at Juice Beauty. That pairing established a pipeline of helping more Dominican students intern at the rapidly growing health conscious skincare company and launched a mentoring relationship with Dr. Leeds that has extended beyond graduation.

“He helped me start everything,” Cady says.

At Juice Beauty, Cady was introduced to a myriad of marketing and sales opportunities.

“Juice Beauty was so small then, that I got to do everything,” she says. “It was the coolest time because Juice Beauty was on the same scale as, say, Estee Lauder, in utilizing social media marketing. We were all figuring out Facebook Business.”

Cady also discovered the power of social media. On the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day, she posted on Facebook, asking followers to mention an inspirational woman in their lives. Juice Beauty offered free samples to those who responded. Cady thought she might receive a hundred or so responses. She received four times that many.

“I was just shocked by the responses to just one post, even without an image,” Cady says. “It really inspired me because the followers were clearly engaged by our message. I thought `Wow. This is something really powerful. There’s something here.’ ”

Cady’s internship at Juice Beauty evolved into a job as Social Media and Marketing Manager for almost four years. She eventually joined CSAA Insurance Group, an AAA insurer, as a Social Media Insurance Specialist. After five years there, Cady decided to create her own business and founded Cady did Social Marketing. After Cady built her business for a year, Courtney Budesa, Director of Internships and Professional Development at Dominican, arranged for a student, Lauren Enos, to intern with Cady.

“I just realized my passion for social media marketing naturally matches my personality,” says Cady, who will begin her term as president of the Dominican Alumni Association board on July 1, 2020. “Starting my own business has been the most beautiful adventure; the tallest, steepest, most exhausting and beautiful mountain I’ve ever experienced.”

Cady’s plight and expertise has caught the eye of VoyageDenver, an Los Angeles-based online magazine seeking inspirational stories to build a platform that fosters collaboration and support for small businesses, independent artists, and entrepreneurs, and local institutions and those that make cities interesting. Cady was featured in its May 28 online edition.

Cady Marsh’s Top Five Career Tips

  • Try everything and notice where your energy sparks.
  • Listen to learn, if you listen to reply you are just re-learning what you already know.
  • Jump in and learn to swim; you grow in every choice you make in life, even the ones that don’t “work out” align you toward something else.
  • Tell yourself YES; you can do it, believe it, and it will happen.
  • Be resilient; life cannot be planned, and worrying is a rocking chair, just put one foot in front of the next and keep going.

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