Five Reasons Why I Chose Dominican

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I’m a Penguin! I can clearly recall blurting this out and immediately spamming my parents with screenshots of my Dominican University of California acceptance and a snazzy assortment of penguin GIFs (the penguin is Dominican’s school mascot). But let’s take a step back and consider the underlying reasons that caused my excitement. Well, for starters this was my first choice for various reasons but rather than boring you with a lengthy list I will narrow it down to the five major reasons why I chose Dominican University of California. 

  1. First Generation and Transfer Friendly
    Selecting a university that was transfer and first-generation college student-friendly was crucial for me. Fortunately, Dominican fulfilled this as not only did it offer free applications but it distinguishes itself by employing an array of amazing Admissions Counselors who made an effort to reach out, support me through the application process, and answer all of my points of inquiry promptly. Knowing that Dominican cares about all of its students and prospective students, regardless of their status, was a convincing factor for me. 
  2. Professors Passionate About What They Do
    Another reason that convinced me that Dominican was the best choice was the perfect selection of professors instructing at Dominican. When attending the admitted student open house, I was able to meet some of the faculty within the Political Science Department which gave the shared impression amongst all these individuals that they were genuinely passionate about their teaching and cared about their students. Furthermore, all of these instructors were remarkably qualified for their positions.

  3. Small Class Sizes
    As an introvert who excels in smaller class environments, it was imperative for me to select an institution that provided this. Having studied at Harvard and UCLA I disliked not being able to get to know my professors, in addition to simply being considered a number. This is not the case at Dominican since it provides small class settings. In fact, the average class size is only 16 students.

  4. Student Involvement And Leadership Opportunities
    Attending an institution that provides various opportunities to get involved on campus is what also convinced me to attend Dominican. I am glad I went with this decision because although I will not start until this upcoming fall semester I have already secured two leadership positions: Executive Secretary for our student government, The Associated Students of Dominican University (ASDU) and Board Member for IGNITE at Dominican. IGNITE is a campus club devoted to developing young women to become civic and political leaders. This is just another reason to love Dominican; I mean what other institution does this? 

  5. Diversity, Equity And Inclusion
    Another factor that sets Dominican apart is its work in diversity — especially the efforts of its Office of Diversity of Equity and the Diversity Action Group (DAG). As a minority student, selecting an institution that reflected my values when it comes to championing diversity was paramount. Right away when I visited the Dominican campus I was faced with a diverse student body and the feeling of belonging. 

Without a doubt, I chose Dominican University of California because it is transfer and first-generation college student-friendly; the faculty is amazing; its small class size is appealing; there are a lot of opportunities available, and diversity is a big focus of this school. What can I say, I’m glad to be a Penguin!

Jacquelyn Torres is a double major in Political Science and History and expects to graduate in 2022. 

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