Campus Message: Diversity Strengthens Our Community

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Dear Dominican Community:

In the last few months we have heard the term 'unprecedented' used repeatedly to describe our societal challenges. Yet today, as we witness yet another series of deadly and institutionalized racist actions, we see a situation that has entirely too much precedent. The deaths of George Floyd, of Ahmaud Arbery, of Breonna Taylor are not, tragically, a new or a recent phenomenon in this nation. Our response must help to finally relegate such blatantly racist and destructive acts to history. To do so requires understanding our past, even as we envision a safer and more genuinely equitable future.

Dominican is diverse, a diversity that strengthens our community and our educational mission. But it only does so if we embrace that diversity, realizing it is more than a range of skin tones at the table, and more than an accounting of backgrounds. Embracing diversity means recognizing the inequitable burden and the fear some members of our community carry simply because of their skin tone. It means believing it is the responsibility of every member of our community to stand against racism. It means we do not ask our black brothers and sisters to carry this burden alone. It means that although we are a small community, we have within us the capacity to confront racism and build a stronger, more just, more equitable society. Now is the time to recommit as individuals and as a community to our Declaration for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. This declaration, so clearly essential, was envisioned by Dominican's Diversity Action Group (DAG), a cadre of faculty, staff, students, and administration. It is our responsibility to continue to elevate this important work.

This statement is relatively brief. The work is not, and our promise to you is this: When we reconvene as a campus community this fall, we will work with DAG to develop a strategy to further our commitment to inclusion and justice. Our Student Life team is committed to supporting an inclusive and equitable community. We encourage students to contact Lorisa Lorenzo, associate dean of students (, (415) 482-1989), with questions or to request information about campus resources available to you.

As we enter what is sure to be a difficult summer, and as we plan for a fall none of us had envisioned, we ask our entire campus community to fully embrace and enact the Dominican values: study this nation's history; reflect on the heavy weight of injustice even as we recognize champions of equality; recommit to an inclusive notion of community; serve as a voice for fairness and opportunity. Together, we can realize the promise and the vision inherent in our Dominican values.

In community,

Mary B. Marcy, President
Nicola Pitchford, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the Faculty
Vickie Alleman, Vice President for Enrollment and Marketing
Anthony DeCocinis, Vice President for Finance and Administration
Marly Norris, Vice President for Advancement and Public Affairs
Paul Raccanello, Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students
Mojgan Behmand, Associate Vice President and Dean for the Dominican Experience
Gigi Gokcek, Acting Dean of the School of Liberal Arts and Education
Yung-Jae Lee, Dean of the Barowsky School of Business
Ruth Ramsey, Dean of the School of Health and Natural Sciences
Jennifer Krengel, Special Assistant to the President and Board Secretary

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