Business Analytics Cohort Class Thrives On Opportunity

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Jason Davis ’10 had grown a business with his wife and raised a family when the new Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA) program at Dominican University of California convinced him to return to his alma mater.

“I am mid-career operating a successful accounting consulting firm for the last 22 years. I felt it was important to renew my skills and get a fresh look at the latest technology and business processes, especially with the pandemic,” says Jason, who earned a degree in Strategic Management in the Adult Degree Completion (ADC) program. “My business has been reliant on in-person meetings and without that, I could be at risk of losing business or losing competitive advantage. I believe this program will give me a refresh on my skills, a new outlook, and vital training for what comes next.”

The new MSBA program in the Barowsky School of Business was the right program at the right time.

“There are a wide variety of new tools and business processes being employed by mid-to-large companies. These tools haven’t made it to the vast majority of small- to mid-size companies yet,” Jason says. “I believe the MSBA program opens up new possibilities that I can integrate into the strategies of our current and future clients that will benefit them for years to come.” 

Jason is one of 18 students currently in the MSBA’s inaugural cohort class, which is beginning the second of six terms in the 12-month program. 

  • Silvia Bergamin’s analytical skills already have improved to the point that she is being recruited by a medical device manufacturer. Her goal is to start her own business. She came to Dominican to gain skills necessary in today’s business world, especially in the San Francisco Bay Area where thousands of jobs require analytical skills. “Being a valuable candidate in this competitive and dynamic reality is the main reason that drives me to pursue the Master of Science in Business Analytics offered at Dominican,” she says. Silvia was drawn to the new MSBA program because of the University’s reputation for strong mentorship, internship programs, and community partnerships. “The fact that Dominican University is so deeply connected in the Bay Area helped me evaluate its MSBA program as a great fit for me,” Silvia says. “Other than the innovative curriculum offered at this school, I am extremely excited to work with an intelligent, innovative, and stimulating network of creative and ambitious minds.”
  • Carol Tucker ’13, who majored in Health Science with a minor in Leadership as an undergraduate, enrolled in the MSBA program to learn how to analyze data and transform it into actionable information. “I am bilingual and my background is Polynesian (Samoan) and am the first generation to pursue a graduate degree in my family,” Carol says. “I plan to return to my country and help small businesses improve on their operations and become successful. I want to apply what I have learned from the MSBA program with the hopes that it can be beneficial to entrepreneurs in Samoa."
  • Jindan Xu's goal is to gain skills to help her family’s manufacturing business in China which, she says, “would give me the leading-edge in big data analysis and help me prepare my future career path in China."
  • Rachael Bogdanovich discovered the vital role of business analytics while working in the marketing department of an Australian multinational technology company. Her goal in the MSBA program is to learn how to utilize data to make decisions for a department or an entire business. She plans to take on small side projects to continue building her skills, particularly in R, Python, and SQL. “Overall I believe the deep expertise provided by the MSBA program will provide me with the skills and education to ensure my career transition is a success.”


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