FAQs for Teaching and Study Abroad Program

Learn about summer teaching abroad programs for education majors. At Dominican Study Abroad is Global Learning and every major has a global destination.  

Education Studies students participate in summer teaching abroad programs both in the US and internationally. These programs are specially designed for Education Studies majors and allow them to complete degree requirements in their major and gain valuable student teaching experience abroad.

The teaching abroad programs for the Education Studies majors study in Finland and Czech Republic as exchange students at our partner universities with specialized education programs.   Every summer we teach our Equity in Education course abroad. In summer 2018 the class is taught in Thailand and in 2019 in Bali, Indonesia. Students interested in learning or increasing fluency in a foreign language can also study abroad. Contact our Global Education Office (GEO) to learn more.

All study abroad classes taken through the Global Education Office count towards degree credit in your major, minor or core curriculum (GE). Students can graduate and earn their credential within the same time frame, so studying abroad will not delay your graduation date. 

There are a variety of study abroad programs.  Many students choose to study abroad for whole semester.  Others prefer shorter experiences, such as spring break Service-Learning opportunities or taking a course abroad during the summer.

Yes, there are many countries that include classroom experience as part of the curriculum as we do in the United States.

Yes, Dominican provides study abroad scholarships for students.

The Education department has partnerships with universities in Finland and the Czech Republic. It is possible to study in countries other than these two.  Finland is the #1 country for education in the world and offers our students exceptional courses in teacher preparation.