Ellen Christiansen, DNP, MSN

Ellen has always believed in the importance of primary prevention and population health management in a community-based setting. Accordingly, she spent the first 17 years of her professional career working in a rural Federally Qualified Community Health Center. In 2014, Ellen joined Dominican’s full-time faculty to teach Community/Public Health Nursing theory classes as well as a Community/Public Health Nursing clinical rotation. Together, she and her students work in food banks, senior centers, flu clinics, schools, home health, hospice, and other venues where they can learn and make a meaningful contribution to the health of the community. Ellen has a broad range of interests in health care, but she especially likes the autonomy and the challenge of working in community/public health.


Samuel Merritt University, DNP, Doctor of Nursing Practice

Samuel Merritt University, MS, Family Nurse Practitioner

Dominican University of California, BS, Nursing

Research Interests

Ellen's most current research interests are in the areas of interprofessional collaboration in healthcare education and clinical practice.  

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