Religion, BA

This major will be discontinued FA 2019 and replaced with Social Justice.


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The Religion faculty wants students to understand the nature and significance of humanity’s quest for meaning through a global study of religious ideas and practices. We also want to help students learn how to read serious literature for comprehension and insight, to write with clarity and style, to speak well, and to think analytically and critically so that they are able to make wise choices and judgments in all areas of their lives.

Diversity of Faculty and Perspectives

Situated in a rich and diverse religious region, faculty members take students on field trips to religious centers and invite representatives from various faith traditions to give guest lectures. The Religion faculty itself includes a Catholic priest, a Dominican sister, a Rabbi, an Episcopalian priest, a Baptist minister, as well as practitioners and scholars of Islam, Native American traditions, Buddhism, and other faith traditions, including earth-based spiritual traditions.

Commitment to Dominican's Heritage

While committed to inclusivity of religion traditions in the classroom and in its campus ministry, Dominican University of California continues to honor its Dominican religious tradition with its commitment to study, community, service, and prayer. In response to changing world cultures and continuing world strife, students in the Religion major are required to take either a course with a community service component or do an internship related to Religion.

2013 Graduate Susan Van Trieste

Susan Van Trieste 2013What Students Do After Graduation

The majority of graduates from our program go on to graduate school in religion or humanities and then to careers in education or ministry. A religion major prepares you for any career that requires strong skills in written and oral communication, critical analysis and research, and a refined sensitivity to human cultures and aspirations. In giving you a solid ability to understand, reflectively compare values and practices across cultural boundaries, the major equips you for the global multicultural future that is already here.